Your team could be saying this about your next meeting.

“Never have I taken such a realistic, yet enlightening class. There is not enough room to write about all that I have learned and how much her teaching style is appreciated.”

“I don’t think I have ever walked away from a seminar with so many techniques I want to try. I intend to use many of these ideas. I have no suggestions – it would be hard to improve on perfection!”

“Really, words cannot express what this week has one for me. Lisa – you have done for inservice what Victoria’s Secret did for bras! Enjoyed it and learned so much!”

It can be more than just a group lunch with

bore-and-snore death by PowerPoint.

“I was given many easy ways to spark creative ideas and foster original thinking.”

“I have a notebook filled with ideas! Lisa was so knowledgeable and presented with such honestly and humor. It was inspirational. Great presenter!”

“More great ideas, as usual, from Lisa – all practical, useful, doable and creative!”

The brain loves to learn. Let me prove it.

“It was wonderful. Keep doing what you’re doing! I’m very excited about what I learned about the brain and strategies.”

“You opened my mind.”

“Very helpful. New material, not same ole’, same ole’.”

“The personal stories really helped me frame the ideas.”

“Your seminar was the best! I want to put these helpful hints into practice starting on the first day!”

“I loved your ideas. I want to do this!”

“Lots of food for thought.”

“Provides strategies, suggestions, activities that I can use.”

Lisa Van Gemert - Group Dynamics

The trainer says something about the person who brought her in. Let me make you look good.

“Lisa truly has a gift.”

“I loved everything. The content was presented in such an upbeat way! I truly enjoyed every piece of it. Lisa is very knowledgeable!”

“Enthusiastic, knowledgeable, well-prepared!”

“Lisa is awesome! I could listen to her all day!”

“I really enjoyed the presenter. She really kept my attention the entire time. This is huge for me because I have a very short attention span. Thanks for a wonderful experience!”

“Lisa did an awesome job of engaging us. Her voice and inflection held my attention (I’m ADD!!). Thank you!”

“Lisa is an excellent presenter. I have enjoyed her presentation style as much as the content presented.”

“It was entertaining and more user-friendly than other inservices I have been to.”

“I love the presenter’s way of delivering the material!!!”

“Presented in a very interesting way!”

“The instructor was AWESOME!”

“You are truly such an inspirational and uplifting speaker. I enjoyed every minute. I love your method of presentation.”

“The way Lisa teaches is thought-provoking and engaging.”

“I think you are incredible.”

“Love your humor and wit!”

“I feel re-inspired! You were great! I really enjoyed your presentation.”

“This was one of the most worthwhile sessions I have had in more than 30 years.”


You can’t push motivation, but you can lure it.

“The whole focus was inspirational.”

“Your passion and enthusiasm set a great example for me.”

“I want anything from this presenter! It was wonderful!”

“I would love to do any training you have. You were absolutely wonderful.”

“More, more, more!!!”

“I am overwhelmed with ideas! Lisa was prepared and knowledgeable.”

“I would come to anything that Lisa Van Gemert does. She was amazing. She has such a wealth of knowledge, great sense of humor, and wonderful pacing.”

“I would come to anything with Lisa. Great speaker, interesting and applicable information.”

“I would like anything Lisa does. She is so insightful, she relates everything to our experiences, and deals with challenges very well.”

“This was an amazing experience! I would love to see more of Lisa Van Gemert. I am honored by her passion.”