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The Essential Brain: 7 Things Everyone in Business Needs to Know But Doesn’t

What are the most vital things everyone needs to know about what current research has to say about the brain?  Learn the seven things you need to know to be in the know.  Find out what happens in your brain when you don’t get enough sleep and what to do about it. Discover the reason people under stress can’t learn and how to fix it.  Uncover the science behind performance anxiety and how you can overcome it. Find out what you can do to get enough of the neurotransmitter we all need to bring out our best at work.

Emoting for Smart People: How to Prevent “I’m Smart, But I Can’t Get Along with My Team” Syndrome

This session leads participants through the fundamentals of what research tells us about the importance of emotional intelligence and how we can build it.  We’ve all heard the term “EQ,” but what does it look like in a real life work environment? Using contemporary studies and pertinent anecdotes, everyone will leave able to:

  • Know exactly how emotionally intelligent you really have to be to be successful
  • Decide what elements of EQ to develop for your own success
  • Seek feedback appropriately
  • Know the power of thin-slicing
  • Play-fair-be-nice on a team

 Beyond Boredom

Ironically, boredom is fascinating, and this session explores what makes people bored, why some people get bored while others don’t, and what you can do to mitigate boredom and its negative effects.  After this session, you will be able to:

  • Never get caught being distracted in a meeting again.
  • Make simple environmental changes to minimize boredom.
  • Know what music to use to improve thinking.

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Perfectionism at Work: How Getting It Right May Be Getting in Your Way

Perfectionism is an occupational hazard of high achievers, and its effects can be truly debilitating.  Learn the different types of perfectionism and come away with a toolbox full of strategies to make sure your “get it perfect” doesn’t trump your “get it done.” After this session, you will be able to:

  • Stop perfectionism from slowing you down, while still maintaining high standards.
  • Use a simple ranking system to determine the level of quality necessary for any task.


Bringing your LinkedIn Profile to Life: It’s Not Just for Job Hunting Anymore

LinkedIn is the calling card of the professional world, and your profile speaks volumes about you and your company, whether you’re ready for it or not. Lisa will show you how to take your profile from simply good to all-star in a few easy steps. Even if you are a complete newcomer to LinkedIn, you’ll learn everything you need to make a profile that truly stands out.  Learn to represent your company better and control your digital footprint by leveraging the tools available through LinkedIn.